The North Carolina Lemon Law applies to NEW vehicles that were Purchased or Leased in NC.

The New Motor Vehicles Warranties Act N.C.G.S. 20-351, is commonly known as “The North Carolina Lemon Law“. This NC statute protects consumers who have purchased vehicles that are found to be defective, or have conditionsthat substantially impair the USE or VALUE of the vehicle.” If the defective vehicle is first brought to the dealership within the first two years or 24,000 miles, and the auto Dealership cannot correct the problem after a “reasonable number of attempts“, the Lemon Law mandates that the Automobile Manufacturer must refund the purchaser’s money or replace the vehicle and pay the consumer’s attorney’s fees.

North Carolina Lemon Law
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For Successful Lemon Law Claims, the Manufacturer pays your Attorney’s fees

Once a problem vehicle is presented to the dealership for repair, the automobile manufacturer is given a “reasonable number of attempts” to repair the vehicle and otherwise comply with the terms of the express written warranty. In North Carolina, a reasonable number of attempts is defined in the Lemon Law as, four (4) times in the shop for the same issue, or twenty (20) cumulative days out of service being repaired or awaiting repairs. Also, your issues with the vehicle must start within the first 2 years or 24,000 miles on the vehicle.

Attorney Sean Soboleski has counseled and assisted 1000s of North Carolina residents with their Lemon Law and automobile claims. Whether your claim settles or go to trial, Mr. Soboleski’s experience with North Carolina Lemon Law claims will be invaluable as you deal with the automobile manufacturer and dealership. Learn more about Mr. Soboleski HERE.

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  • The North Carolina Lemon Law applies to NEW Vehicles that are purchased or Leased in North Carolina, but if you LIVE in NC and bought a vehicle out of state, we still may be able to help.
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What can consumers do to make sure they are protected by the North Carolina Lemon Law?

North Carolina consumers who want to ensure that they do everything that they can on their end to help with their claims should MAKE SURE TO KEEP ALL REPAIR ORDERS AND INVOICES. The dealerships many times will try to send you home without your copies of the invoice. However, YOU SHOULD NEVER LEAVE THE DEALERSHIP WITHOUT THE PROPER PAPERWORK. You will need legible copies of the repair orders (which they give you when you drop the vehicle off, listing ALL of your vehicle complaints). You will also want to keep all of the repair invoices, (which list all the stuff from the repair order and also lists what they DID).

Sorry, sir…we just could not duplicate your complaint.


Many times dealerships will say that they “could not duplicate customer’s complaint“, when the technicians cannot, or will not, re-create the operating conditions in which your vehicle malfunctions. Strangely, it is worded COULD NOT DUPLICATE CUSTOMER’S COMPLAINT almost every single time. And, when this occurs, the manufacturer, through its dealer, is saying that there is nothing wrong with your vehicle.

At some point in a North Carolina Lemon Law claim, or a standard Breach of Warranty case in NC, the consumer will need to demonstrate for the court that the vehicle is defective, or has a condition that substantially impairs the use or value of the vehicle. If all of the paperwork says “Could Not Duplicate the Concern”, it may be very difficult to prove your case.

As documentation is a very important part of any legal case, consumers pursuing remedies under the Lemon Law need to make sure that the invoices are accurate, stating exactly what defects or conditions were found, and what they did to address it. You should be concerned If you pick up your vehicle and the dealership is telling you that they “Could not duplicate customer’s concern”. You may have to operate the vehicle in whatever manner you normally would when it would exhibit the problem to duplicate the issue for them. –> AND, THEN GET DOCUMENTATION OF THEM “DUPLICATING THE CONCERN. Demanding accurate documentation can make your claim easier when it is time to move forward.

As an attorney who has counseled and assisted 1000s of North Carolina residents with their NC Lemon Law and auto fraud claims, Sean Soboleski is glad to look over your claim. He can quickly ascertain if you have something worth pursuing, and how far it should “go”. If you think you have a lemon, fill out the form above and the attorney will review your information and respond back in 24 hours.

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